FRI: 7 – 9:30 PM (21+)
SAT: 7 – 9:30 PM (21+)
SUN: 10 AM – 12:30 (10+)

What is Paint the TV?


A collaborative artistic journey where participants create their own unique artwork using today’s technology. For nearly 20 years, Owner Matthew Chelel has provided over 22,000 on-the-road workshops with his company Creative Notions. Through years of experience teaching in the art world, he designed a process that enables anyone to make their own original masterpiece. “I’ve always tried to build processes that empower people to make art,” says Chelel. “Paint the TV is a natural progression of the art world catching up to today’s technology.”  What is truly exciting about PAINT the TV is that their studios are equipped with cameras so to record their guests in action.  At the end of each event, guests not only leave with an amazing painting, they also receive a time-lapse video which shows the development of their piece. How cool is that!



The Painting Studio for the Collaborative World

A New Art Experience:

Held in an inviting and inspiring studio space, a typical session is two hours. Each person or couple picks a design and using PAINT the TV step-by-step process, participants literally paint a clear canvas on a TV. And because each person has their own style and color choices, each work is completely original. “We want people to have a unique experience while creating something in the same way,” says Chelel. “This is a totally collaborative process. We are teaming up with a digital artist to create a painting.”

As artists work, they are encouraged to listen to their own music, escape from day-to-day life, and just focus on movement and color. Since each painting is done in stages, “you can never really see it until the end when we do the unveiling,” he says, but the look on the artist’s faces is priceless. Not only do people take home a cool piece of artwork + their own time-lapse video of them making it, they are taking part in an art movement.

Featured Paintings

Our portfolio is open to you every workshop to choose from!

“What a fun night! I’m far from a painter, so I was a little hesitant to participate, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. Unique concept that was executed well. What I feel makes this place stand out is the ability to appeal to newbies to painting like me and seasoned artists. Recommend highly!”
“Truly first of its kind. Not what I was expecting. Matt has brilliantly combined art and technology to create a user experience that stimulates your inner artist. Nothing like a traditional paint and sip, the process was simple, foolproof and personalized. Throw on some tunes and paint! Can’t wait to try another!”
“I highly recommend Paint the TV to anyone seeking a fun, unique, and creative experience. It is unlike any other activity that I’ve participated in. I loved the music, the picture options, the painting guidance and leaving with a very cool piece of art.”
“Truly a unique experience. Had a wonderful time exploring the arts in such a new and innovative format.”
“Great experience! Already itching to go back and sending Matt some ideas. Innovative and creative.”
“A truly unique experience and fun time. It’s hard to image the final painting when you first start, however as you paint you way thru each section a image starts to emerge. The directions make it very easy for the artistically challenge to feel like a Van Gogh. Once finished the painting shows dramatic color and depth that were not apparent at the beginning. So it is not only fun but rewarding to feel like an artist. This was also a team effort and a great way to relax and laugh with friends too. Highly recommended. The host is very helpful and supportive.”

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